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Lifts for commercial buildings

synergy 200 by TKE is a flexible & versatile solution for offices, hotels, hospitals and retail

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Adapting to your architecture

Flexibility Efficiency Versatility in one elevator

Adapting to your architecture

A-rated energy efficiency

Ready for commercial use

Best-in-class customer care

Covering your needs in commercial buildings

Reliable performance

synergy 200 is the powerhouse of the successful synergy product family – engineered to provide reliable mobility passengers can always count on.

A comfortable ride

synergy 200 fulfils your passengers’ expectations of a pleasant ride experience beyond “just” quietness and low vibrations. 

An A-rated lift from an A-list manufacturer

synergy 200 reduces the carbon footprint of the elevator  and consequently the overall energy consumption of the building.

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Requesting a quote is free and non-binding. The quote is individually created to your wishes and building needs.

Makes the most of your building space

synergy 200

synergy 200 is the most flexible solution of our synergy family of lifts, for low- to mid-traffic buildings in the commercial segment such as offices, hotels, retail and healthcare facilities with up to 20 stops. This versatile elevator offers the exceptional comfort and cutting-edge design you need to always exceed passenger expectations in true style.

synergy 200. True comfort. True style.

3 ways to design your synergy 200

Predesigned cabin

Predesigned cabin

Choose from a selection of cabins with uniform wall colours and materials from the two design lines A or B, and add from a range of ceilings, floors etc.
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Custom selection

Custom selection

Mix and match the wall materials freely from within the chosen design line and add a ceiling, floor, skirting, mirror, handrails and COP of your choice.
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Custom cabin

Custom cabin

Select the “naked cabin” option equipped with a ceiling and a COP of your choice and apply your own wall cladding, flooring, skirting etc.
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Covering all your needs in commercial buildings

synergy is our most successful product family with more than 90,000 units in operation.

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