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Bringing premium specs to the everyday elevator

Say hello to EOX – TK Elevator’s new eco-efficient and natively digital lift

Regenerative drive

Recuperates electricity and feeds it back into the building

Multimedia display

Enriches the travel experience with animations and infotainment

"Swipe a ride"

Passengers can call an elevator ride with their smartphone


The elevator acceleration adjusts to the traffic patterns to save energy

EOX – natively digital always connected future proof mobility

High-performance digital hardware

Cloud-based smart maintenance

Over-the-air software updates

Customer portal with IoT analytics

A sustainable and energy-efficient lift

Smartphone convenience.
Clockwork reliability.

EOX. The refined everyday elevator bringing premium specs to the entry level

EOX is both a reliable lift that keeps your building in motion in the most safe and energy-efficient way, and at the same time a modern digital and connected mobility solution. EOX brings premium features to the “everyday elevator” to advance eco-efficiency and digitalisation in all building categories, starting with the basic residential.

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The offer will be free of charge, non-binding and tailored to your project.

What customers say about us


New lifts are great. At The Square in Tallaght, a replacement took place by ThyssenKrupp and it is by no means any worse, it has been improved so much.

HappyPizza64 8 October 2020

Full of loads of friendly and helpful people

Zsolt Ravasz 31 December 2018

Great company

Richard Knight 9 December 2020