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A new generation of lifts

Our synergy lifts combine state-of-the-art technology with flexible design. Discover our new models which range from residential to low-rise commercial, for all types of buildings

Nos ascenseurs synergy allient des technologies de pointe à une conception flexible. Découvrez nos nouveaux modèles qui s’étendent du résidentiel au petit tertiaire, pour tous types de bâtiments confondus

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For which segments?

the new generation of lifts.
Functional and premium

With its compact dimensions, the synergy series is ideal for buildings from 12 to 20 floors. It combines simplicity, cutting-edge design and durability to provide comfort and reliability at a competitive price.

synergy 100

With up to 12 stops, the synergy 100 is the ideal solution for residential buildings. Its compact new car design, proven functionality and efficient installation deliver an outstanding price-performance ratio.

synergy 100. Guaranteed performance at the right price.

synergy 200

Offering up to 21 stops, synergy 200 is the solution in our synergy range of lifts for residential buildings, offices, hospitals and hotels. This versatile lift offers the exceptional comfort and cutting-edge design you need to always exceed passenger expectations in true style.

synergy 200. True comfort. True style.

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High performance at competitive costs

Solutions for all types of buildings

Lifts designed for residential use

State-of-the-art technology powered by German engineering

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