Universal Service by TK Elevator
Any brand.
Universal Service by TK Elevator
Any place.
Universal Service by TK Elevator
Any time.

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Maintenance for all types of lifts

We offer high-quality service for your lift, including the rapid provision of original spare parts. Of course, we comply with all applicable standards and legal requirements and take into account innovative safety concepts such as EN81 & EN115

Whatever elevator you use, you can rely on one of the world's largest elevator service companies

With the help of our global Excellence Centers, we share our comprehensive expertise with service technicians all over the world. This ensures all our technicians are able to provide comprehensive and high-quality elevator maintenance. This unique model fulfils local and regional requirements on the maintenance of all current elevator systems, brands and types. For our customers, it adds up to faster, more efficient, more reliable services.

Professional and personal assistance

In the event of an emergency or a breakdown, if you need quick, effective assistance, you’re in the right place with the TKE Service24-Center. We’ll always get everything running smoothly for you as quickly as possible, as we are committed to minimizing your downtime while maximizing your safety.

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Wherever in the UK you are

We know every minute counts and your satisfaction is important to us

Thanks to our comprehensive service network, we can call on an experienced specialist team at a moment’s notice, knowing they are committed to meeting the highest internationally-accepted quality standards. This means we can give our customers outstanding support and provide a local specialist for your system.

Get in touch directly at any time using our customer portal

Our online customer portal gives you a comprehensive overview of all your systems. Whether you’re looking for a contract, a maintenance checklist or technical detail, all it takes is a few clicks to provide you with the information you desire. Thanks to our portal, you can manage your systems easily and efficiently, as well as maintain audit-compliant records of all relevant documents.

Why to choose our service

"Always reliable. Always responsive. Always there for you. As your service partner, we're committed to keeping your elevator moving."

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Keeping you in motion around the clock

Elevator specialists

For all makes and models.

Service the way you want it

A service plan based on your individual requirements.

There for you, around the clock

Cutting-edge technology for fast, reliable service.

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The offer is free of charge, non-binding and is individually tailored to your wishes and structural needs.